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Many organisations suspect or know that they are the victims of fraud. Suspected activities might range from petty theft to major fraud. Internal controls intended to prevent fraud may be incomplete or out of date. Thieves are increasingly adept and sophisticated, and the strategies to thwart them must be tactical and cutting-edge.

Fraud is most commonly committed by insiders who are trusted individuals with access to critical assets. Ryder Security Audits serve to measure an organisation’s risk, evaluate vulnerabilities, and improve deterrents and responses to fraud.

We specialise in security audits and investigations for businesses and private homes. We evaluate security policies and documentation and offer sustainable solutions to address the security requirements of today and tomorrow.  We offer:

We offer the following wide range of services:

Corporate Investigations

Corporate Due Diligence Investigations
Business Background Investigation
Competitive Intelligence Investigation
Corporate and Business Intelligence
Asset Tracing Investigation
Corporate Intelligence and Analysis
Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures
Corporate Surveillance
Corporate Theft Investigation
Employee Theft
Fraud Investigation
Undercover Operations
Corporate Background Screening
Wage and Fraud investigations
Workplace Violence
Investigation Services to Corporate Lawyers
Litigation Support investigation
Corporate Record Research Investigation
Risk, Threat and Fraud Consulting

International Insurance Claim Investigations
International Medical Support Services
Claims Investigation
Insurance Fraud
Accident Claims Investigation
Life Insurance Claim Investigation
Property Claim Investigation
Travel Insurance Claim Investigation
Insurance Surveillance Services
Investigation of Third Party Claims and Medical Claims
Personal Accident Claims
Theft Claim Investigations
Tracing Witnesses and Obtaining Statements
Assisting Lawyers
Legal and Insurance Support Services

Other Services
Specialised Investigations
Loss Prevention consultancy
Medical Malpractice Claims
Dating Scams and Internet Fraud